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Doctor Who 30 day challenge

Day #6: Favorite special episode

Voyage of the Damned

All Companions + one colour (6/6): Colour Meaning

Run for your life.


Doctor Who Fest: day 11

↳ Forget-me-not: “The final option. The nuclear device at the heart of the Central Dome. Today, on the twenty first of November 2059, Captain Brooke activates that device, taking the base and all her crew members with her. No one ever knows why. But you were saving Earth. That’s what inspires your granddaughter.”


the doctor and rose favorite moments: the impossible planet 

↳ “Well if you think there’s gonna be trouble, we could  always get back inside and go somewhere else.”

"Amelia Pond! Get your coat."


Doctor Who cast —> Peter and Jenna smiling on set

"Oh, you’ve redecorated! I don’t like it."
"Oh? Oh, yeah. Oh, you never do!"


Doctor Who Fest: day nine

↳ Saddest moment: The Doctor erases Donna’s memory
There’s never been a Human-Time Lord metacrisis before now. And you know why.
                              Because there can’t be.

Sonic Screwdriver